Japan has consistently been one of the top markets for growth in ICT and cloud services. Gartner predicts that by 2018, the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region will account for $11.5 billion in total cloud services spending. The Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) selected Japan as the top cloud market for the third consecutive year in their Cloud Readiness Index.
ACCA ranked Japan as the best country for SME cloud investment.The increasing adoption of cloud services by Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises drives up this estimate.
Since 2009, Japan’s government has strengthened cloud infrastructure through the “Digital Japan Creation Project” with annual rollouts of new government-led cloud services in 2015.8 The project, “Kasumigaseki Cloud”, supports all government ICT systems and has played a prominent role in growing Japan’s cloud market. Japan has consistently been one of the top markets for growth in ICT and cloud services.

What is the Cloud Adoption Program

            Based on the best practices from hundreds of successful engagements, the Cloud Adoption Program (CAP) brings together the best technology, practices and learning’s for enterprise-wide cloud adoption. We walk you through our comprehensive framework for cloud adoption, helping you build your own cloud program so you can deliver business results faster, no matter where you are in your cloud transformation. 

• Build program management teams and establish project plans 
• Security and governance controls implementation 
• Build migration factory – infrastructure, tooling, processes, playbooks 
• Operational transformation and cloud service management 
• Workloads and data migration / production cutover 
• Knowledge transfer and enablement 
• Post migration support and handoff of applications 
• Economic alignment and controls 
• Executive presentation, training and handoff