To provide top-notch, expert repairs, data recovery and other after-sales services at reasonable prices, With the most up-to-date knowledge and tools available. Provide evangelism of excitement” that ensures our entire staff is dedicated to service that will provide complete satisfaction for customers.



To have quality service available immediately to all who need it, and to have GSS Quick Garage India Private Ltd be the #1 provider of those services in world

Mr. Tatsushi Moro

President & CEO's Message

Always striving to live up to the company’s motto of QUALITY IS THE MAINSTAY OF OUR BUSINESS GSS has succeeded in winning the trust of the customers and has placed them as their highest priority

A New Chapter in India

India & Japan have always had cordial trade relationships. In this new age of technical advancement and dynamic business environment GSS Quick Garage India Private Ltd Will be launching its operations in India. With its first stop as Chennai, the hub for industrial growth as well as strong educational sector, GSS Quick Garage India Private Ltd aims to weaves the same magic here at the Indian segment.

Reliability, on time delivery, advanced technical

Reliability, on time delivery, advanced technical support and face to face interaction are some Of the salient features Of the company. In the age Of alarming concerns of data theft and misuse of data, GSS Quick Garage India Private Ltd offers face to face interaction for your service needs.


All of our services exist to help you avail best and quality services from our authorized centers

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